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Today, people expect a web site to be interactive, adaptable, informative, and easy to read on any device. The old design principle of static content is no longer acceptable. The combination of easily updated content and user interaction means that your business needs a Web Application, not just a site.

Key factors in our products


Web data security is more important now than ever. We do that!

We host sites on a hardened server, or can custom engineer a secure server for you. All web access uses secure encryption to eliminate the risk of outsiders snooping on data. And we add extra features to ensure user access is private.


We are obsessed with speed. Web pages that load almost instantly? We do that!

There is a lot more to online access than just looks. You want your staff or your customers to have extremely fast access, with no lag or delay. Our goal is 200 page requests per second per server, to allow more users and less waiting.


Your web site should be able to expand, all the way up to millions of users. We do that!

Our site designs run efficiently on a single server, but can easily scale up to dedicated database and web servers as required.

We can also engineer distributed systems, with multiple servers at different geographic locations.


Your web site should be unique to your needs. We do that!

Our development system allows you to plug-in or build extra functionality without reinventing the wheel.

Our visual portion is implemented as a Theme, so you can have complete control over the appearance portion.


Security on a Web Application is not something that can be added later. In order to be effective, Security must be built in to the design.

Primarily, the server itself must be "hardened", which means it can't be hacked into, and only responds to external requests that are under our control. A web server must respond to client requests from all over the world, and must be smart enough to only respond to well formed requests. It must safely ignore anything that falls outside of normal web requests, and it must do so quickly enough to avoid getting swamped by fake requests (DDOS).

Since your application is using a database to store information and do such basic tasks as confirming user authentication, the database must not be directly accessible from outside of the server. This way nobody can read, delete, or add data to the database other than through the application itself.



Available in-house developed modules for your site



User Account Control

Every part of your site will have specific limits for access. Accounts can be created by users or Admins. Content available to everyone is attached to a system Guest account.


Payment Processing

Accept Payment

Accept online payment using various payment providers, from PayPal to Visa and more. Rapid confirmation of payments.

Payment can be applied directly to a purchase or toward site tokens that can be used for micropurchases.



Flexible Textual Content

Build complex blog-style posts including images and formatted text using a true WYSIWYG editor, then display your document to visitors in a readable format. Allows users to vote and comment on each post.



User Interaction

Extremely high-speed commenting system, with instant updates as others comment. Nested comments allow replies, comments can be edited, and emoticon symbols are automatically converted to graphics.

Comprehensive moderation functions allow blocking, removing, banning, temporary actions, locking, shadow banning, troll and spam management, and more.



Images for display and sale

Create a gallery of images for online display, download, and even purchase. This module automatically creates display and thumbnail images during upload so display is rapid. Downloads are zip files of the original images.

Typical uses for these galleries would include real estate properties, cars for sale, and asset management.



Items for sale

Sell products, with options like color and size. Inventory management and automated shipping labels, calculations for shipping, geographic limitations, etc.

Ties in with User module, Payment module, Comment module.


Audio and Video

Streaming Media Content

Stream HD video and high quality audio to users. Content can be hours long if required. Content can require logged in users, or can be available for payment. The system automatically builds a one minute preview if required.

Allows comments and votes, accurately tracks how long content is actually being viewed or heard.

Gigabytes Code
Hosted Sites
Application Modules

Web Application Development

Color Media Productions develops web applications using a mix of technologies. We are extremely familiar with:

  • PHP - a scripting language perfectly suited for web development
  • HHVM - a virtual machine that runs PHP extremely rapidly
  • Node.js - another virtual machine that runs Javacript on the server
  • React.js - a user interface builder that runs in the browser
  • MySQL - the world's most popular open source database
  • W3.CSS - a CSS template that makes modern web designs possible
  • Nginx - the most ultra-efficient web server
  • Jquery - extra functionality in the browser

Custom Development

Server Management

Graphic Design


Choose a package that fits your needs.

  • Hourly
  • $75 USD

    per hour
  • Turnkey Package
  • 20 hours Development
  • 1 year High-speed hosting
    $400/year after first year
  • 10Gb Content limit
  • 1 year Support
  • $1500 USD

    flat rate
  • Hosting
  • 5 Tb Yearly Transfer
  • 1 year High Speed Hosting
  • 1 Year Support
  • $400 USD

    per year


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